Neo Arena 2-Piece Hand Tufted Bathroom Rug Set -Latex Sprayed Backing


Gull GreyIvoryTurquoiseTwilight BlueWarm Sand

Experience the luxury for your feet. Available in five colors

  • 100% Cotton
  • 2 Bathroom Rugs (One each in sizes 21″x34″ and 17″x24″)
  • High water absorbtion
  • Skid resistant (or) Anti Skid with Latex sprayed backing
  • Suitable for smooth or carpeted floors
  • Machine washable


Neo Arena 2-Piece Hand Tufted Bathroom Rug Set -Latex Sprayed Backing

Brand : TreeWool

BOX CONTAINS : 2 Bathroom Rugs (One each in sizes 21″x34″ and 17″x24″).

These bath rugs are carefully hand finished and hand tufted to give you a superior quality product that would be a great addition to your bathroom.


1. These bath mats are made of high quality 100% cotton and are a thick 2000 GSM (Grams per Square Meter), offering superb absorbency
2. Indulge in luxury with these bathroom mats that offer comfort for your feet with excellent water absorbency
3. These bath rugs have latex sprayed to the back which make them anti skid or non-slip, to prevent them slipping under your feet, while being used on smooth floors
4. Use these mats anywhere at home including kitchen, bedroom, shower room, conservatory, etc.
5. Fully machine washable in cold setting. Use only mild detergents. Tumble dry in low heat.
6. Dry flat and fluff after drying


1. Due to differences in color saturation settings between each Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Phone the actual product might have a minor color difference to the picture on screen.
2. It is normal for some linting in new bathroom rugs. However, linting will stop in couple of washes.
3. Always place the rug on dry floors only. Water under rugs may cause it slip.
4. Wash before use. Doing so will ensure starch and loose fibers are removed, vibrancy of the color is retained and water absorption is good.
5. Use a little White Vinegar while washing, to enhance the vibrancy of the color.

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Weight1 kg

Gull Grey, Ivory, Turquoise, Twilight Blue, Warm Sand


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