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Towel Set


We use Towels every day, but we don’t really talk about them.

Here are a few key factors to focus on while shopping for Towels:


There’s nothing worse than buying a new set of towels, getting them home, and finding out that they just don’t absorb water. After all, what’s the point of having the towel if it doesn’t do its job?

Just like the thread count for bedding, towels have weight measurements (grams per square meter, or GSM) that determine the quality. Typically, the higher the GSM in a towel, the more absorbent it is. To choose a towel that has decent absorbency, you can simply look for the GSM rating.

Unfortunately, these ratings aren’t always easy to find. But don’t worry! If the number isn’t available, just look for a heavier towel that has a deep pill and thin yarn. The pill refers to the “loops” or cut fabric that come out of the towel, and the yarn is the thickness of each individual pill.


Some people believe that lighter towels do a better job, but that is not always true. Because higher-quality towels are woven more densely, they will feel a bit heavier than they look.

A key indicator in thickness goes back to the pill in the towel. The pill should be woven so densely that you cannot see the base. If you can see the base, the towel may not do its job very well.

 Fiber Content

Even if the ads for a towel state that it is something like “Egyptian cotton,” make sure to double check the individual label stitched into the towel to make sure that it is one-hundred percent Egyptian cotton. Sometimes towels that are advertised as “Egyptian cotton” are really only 10%.

Steer away from towels with mixed fibers. Towels should be one-hundred percent natural fibers or microfiber. Which particular fiber you choose is really up to you. Egyptian, Pima, and Turkish cottons are recommended because they have longer fibers that make the fabric softer than standard cotton.


Edges are the first part of a towel to wear out. Before you purchase a new set, check out the quality of the edges to make sure they are properly reinforced. Edges that are double-turned and double-stitched are less likely to fray and therefore will have a longer life.


Towels are the “throw pillows of the bathroom.” They can do a lot to change the appearance of your bathroom. So while the simple, white towel is timeless, you may want to spice things up a bit more. Even just adding monograms to your white towels can have a wonderful effect on the overall look of your bathroom.

When choosing decorated towels, just keep in mind how that decor may affect absorbency or use. For example, if the towels have beaded edges, will the edges scratch you during use? Or if the towel has strips of polyester velour, will they still be usable or will that ruin the absorbency of the towel?

Purchasing quality towels can be a bit pricy. But a higher-quality towel will prevent you from replacing your old, worn out towels more frequently.