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Customer Rewards

This is a Customer Rewards program uniquely designed to reward our loyal customers whom we call as TreeWool Patrons.  This program is so unique that you our Patron decides whether or not to pay for the product in the program and if you do want to pay, then you decide how much you want to pay for the product.

Why do this?

At TreeWool we passionately believe in mutually rewarding communities.  We design and produce beautiful and quality products for our customers.  Our patrons show great support and purchase goods from us and keep us in business.  This program is our way of saying ’Thank You’ to our patrons by offering products that they always want in their homes at the price they determine.

What type of products are on offer?

From time to time new products in limited quantities will be added to this program.  All products you find in our store will be in the Giveaway program at some point.  We can promise you that they will be free of any defects and are first quality products.  Even products that have been newly introduced can also be in this program.

Who is eligible?

All registered TreeWool customers, who have made at least 2 eligible purchases can participate in the Giveaway program.  Simples!

What is the eligibility?

Orders become eligible for this program once the items are delivered and 30 days have passed.  Orders that have been cancelled or returned or refunded are not eligible.

How does this work?

While being logged in on our website, customers who are eligible to participate will be able to add products from Giveaway section to the cart.   Once on the Giveaway page, follow the steps below to get the reward you deserve.

  1. In the text box, enter the price you want to pay.  You can choose any amount, however small or big.
  2. Add the item to the cart and check out as normal.

What about postage?

We only ask you to pay the usual postage charge of $2.99 for the Giveaway orders.  However, you will be able to add more items to your cart and bring the cart value over $30 to get all the items delivered absolutely free.

How many items can I order from Giveaway products?

We want all our customers to get products via. this rewards program.  So, we have limited one eligible giveaway item per customer per Giveaway order.  However, you will be able to get your hands on another Giveaway product after 2 more eligible orders.

Can the Giveaway product be returned?  

You can return a Giveaway product for full refund, however the postage is non-refundable.  Remember postage was paid to the carrier for the package you received.  Also, please remember if you got a free delivery for your Giveaway product as part of your regular order over $30 and if you are returning all the items from that order except the Giveaway product, then we reserve the right to deduct a nominal transaction fee of $2.99 from the total refund.

We want to you to participate enthusiastically in this program and feel rewarded.  Remember your family and friends and do spread the word.  We would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or feedback please send us an email on [email protected].

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