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Curtain Panels

Whether it's using stacked magazines to make a coffee table or turning a bookshelf into a bar, every savvy designer knows that home items don't need to be used just for their intended purpose. In the spirit of going beyond the obvious intention of things, we gathered up our favorite ways to use curtains not as window coverings.

If you have a space to which you’d like to add privacy, softness, drama, or movement, yet a wall, door or partition would add too much structure, try using a curtain panel to frame the area instead.

Almost any room can benefit from hanging a curtain panel.  Hang a full-length panel from a rod placed close to the ceiling, and the ceiling will suddenly feel higher and the room larger.   Add a neutral color fabric to add warmth to a room or add a bold color to make an impact.  Add a patterned panel to create visual interest without the long-term commitment of upholstering an entire piece of furniture.

Consider using curtain panels in places throughout your home other than on windows… just for the fun of it.

Frame and Entry Door

Hang a curtain rod high across the top of an entryway door to both cover those transparent sidelight windows and to dress up that foyer.

Frame a Bath

Curtain panels, particularly outdoor, mold-resistant panels work perfectly in place of a typical shower curtain.   Hanging a set of two panels, rather than a single panel pushed to one side, transforms the bath into more of a private retreat.

Dress up a Bed

Hang curtain panels from a four-poster bed frame or directly from the ceiling to frame a bed.

Placing the panels behind the headboard turn an otherwise basic headboard into a stunning backdrop.

Add Privacy to a bed or a reading nook

Make a bed or reading nook a little more quiet with a pair of curtain panels that can be pulled closed.

Create Separate Spaces

Live in an open loft space?  Curtain panels can be hung from the ceiling to divide and conquer.

Even in smaller spaces that open to one another, curtain panels can help define a separate space.  Such is the case in this small apartment where a sheer panel instantly creates a foyer and a space for an entryway table.

Add Privacy & Style Outdoors

If your neighbors are a little too close for comfort, an outdoor panel can instantly create privacy.

Conceal an Under-Cabinet

Curtain panels also have more practical uses. – Like covering unsightly plumbing and storage under a counter.

Replace a Door

Curtain panels can replace bulky bedroom doors yet still allow for the occasional privacy that may be needed.

In instances where you’ve created a space for your washer and dryer inside a closet or cabinet, a curtain can also allow for easier access.