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Bath Rug

Bath Rugs

Bath Rugs contribute to comfort and style in the bathroom. The right floor coverings feel pleasant underfoot and help to keep floors dry all while enhancing the overall look of the sink, tub, and shower areas. Ivory and cream bath rugs are a particularly popular choice because their light, neutral colors can work well with virtually any color palette. TreeWool can help you put the ideal finishing touch on your bathroom decor with a huge selection of ivory and cream bath rugs. To narrow down the options and quickly choose the best floor covering for your master bath, guest bathroom, or powder room, follow these steps:

Start with size. Are you looking for ivory and cream bath rugs for the area in front of the sink or tub or something larger that will cover a wide open area in the room? Consider using masking tape to mark the spot or spots that you wish to cover and then measuring the size before you begin to shop.

Consider materials. Cotton ivory and cream bath rugs have a pleasant, plush feel under bare feet and are an excellent choice for comfort-minded shoppers. Polyester and nylon options are wear resistant and can stand the test of time in humid, wet conditions. Bamboo rayon offers the benefits of natural anti-microbial resistance, while plastic and vinyl can be wiped clean with ease.

Compare care methods. Rugs in the bathroom require regular cleaning to remain fresh and attractive. For bathrooms that are frequently used, look for machine-washable ivory and cream bath rugs, which will be easy to launder on a regular basis. Hand wash and dry clean only rugs are a good choice for powder rooms and guest baths that are occasionally used.

Decorating tip: Want to make the area around the toilet a little more luxurious? Contour ivory and cream bath rugs are shaped to fit around the base of the toilet and can keep your feet warm while you're using the facilities. At TreeWool, you'll find hundreds of ivory and cream bath rugs in solid, nature-inspired, geometric, nautical, striped, chevron, polka-dot, and many other designs. Explore the selection now by material, pattern, style, size, care and more to discover the best floor coverings for your bathroom.